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======Alternative History: Pre-History======

=====Theories on the History of Ancient Egypt=====
Many //independent// historians have concluded that the conventional history of Egypt puts the building of many of the great structures of Egypt far too late in history. They tend to believe, instead, that Egypt dates back much further, to anywhere from 10,000 BCE to 30,000 BCE.

====Notable Revisionist Egyptologists====
- [[ChristopherDunn | Christopher Dunn]] is an author and engineer, who wrote [[TheGizaPowerPlant | The Giza Power Plant]], a theory which proposes that the pyramids of Giza were used to generate energy from the vibrations of the earth.
- [[ReneAdolpheSchwallerDeLubicz | René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz]] spent 15-years studying of the art and architecture of the [[LuxorTemple | Temple of Luxor]] in Egypt and wrote the book The Temple In Man.
- [[RobertSchoch | Robert M. Schoch]] is a geologist, who studied the [[Sphinx]] and other ancient monuments and helped shake the archaeological world, when he helped validate the evidence of water weathering; which pushes back the dating of the sphinx to at least 10,000 BCE.
- [[JohnAnthonyWest | John Anthony West]] is an independent Egyptologist who popularized the theory of the ancient Sphinx and helped to bring attention and understanding to the work of R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz.

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