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Chris Case

Hello, my name is Chris Case and I am the curator of this resource I created this site, to share the intriguing and often rare information, that I have gathered, mostly in my own mind, over many years of Freethought free thinking. I aim to create a resource that gives a bigger picture, to help engender a more holistic understanding of our selves and the reality in which we live.

I feel as if my adventures in free thought are worth sharing with the world, in a comprehensive, easy to read format and that this resource can provide a way of chronicling, refining and even growing that knowledge base organically. If there's one thing I've learned over the years, its that when you express an idea, you learn something from that process and so do others; because you have to think about the concepts from a different angle, so people who aren't already familiar with the concepts can understand.

Notable Writings

more of a searcher than a believer. I suspect that I got from this, the notion that we don't necessarily need to adopt a belief on something that cannot be known; but that we can continue to search and see where things lead. I am happy that I took that route; because I have been searching ever since and because of this open minded approach, I have been able to absorb information with few inhibitions.

Late Adolescence: Learned About Eastern Spirituality
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