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====Criticism of the Big Bang Theory====

//'Cosmologists are often in error, but never in doubt.' -- Lev Landau//

The [[BigBangTheory | Big Bang Theory]] is a //wildly// popular theory amongst scientists and lay people alike. This theory is so popular, in fact, that many believe there are no alternative explanations, for the observations that lead to the development of the theory. This notion is incorrect, as there are alternative theories, many of which appear to better match the observations than the //Big Bang Theory// itself.

===Scientists Critical of the Big Bang Theory===
- [[PaulLaViolette | Paul LaViolette]]
- [[EricLerner | Eric Lerner]]
- [[WallaceThornhill | Wallace Thornhill]]
- [[TomVanFlandern | Tom Van Flandern]]

===Lectures Critical of the Big Bang===

- [[ James Sorensen: Halton Arp & Debunking the Big Bang EU (2013)]]
- [[ Big Shock to Big Bang Space News]]
- [[ Plasma Physics' Answers to the New Cosmological Questions by Dr. Donald E. Scott]]

===Interviews Discussing Big Bang Alternatives===
- [[ Wallace Thornhill on Red Ice Radio]]

===Documentaries Critical of the Big Bang===
- [[TheBigBangNeverHappened | The Big Bang Never Happened]]
- The Cosmology Quest (2004) [[ Hour 1]] [[ Hour 2]]

===Related Websites/Channels===
- [[ Eric Lerner's The Big Bang Never Happened]]
- [[ The Thunderbolts Project]]
- [[ Tom Van Flandern's]]
- [[ Wallace Thornhill's]]
[[MaverickScience]] [[ElectricUniverseTheory]]
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