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======Deep State Corruption======

[[CorruptPoliticians|Corrupt politicians]] and bureaucrats engage in //deep state corruption// when they abuse the public trust for personal gain and for the acquisition of power. As governments age and grow, they tend to create a class of individuals who seek to perpetuate their power and influence while enriching themselves and those in their inner circles.

=====Well Known Incidents of Deep State Corruption=====
- [[2020RiggedElection| 2020 Rigged Election]]
- [[BurismaHoldings| Joe and Hunter Biden's Burisma Holdings Money Laundering Operation]]
- [[UraniumOne | Hillary Clinton's Uranium One Scandal]]
- [[FastAndFurious | Obama's "Fast and Furious" Gun Running Operation]]
- [[RussiaGate | Hillary Clinton's "Russia Gate" Hoax]]
- [[Clinton Foundation | The Clinton Foundation Bribery Scandal]]

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