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======Electric Universe: Star Theory======

The //Electric Universe Star Theory// is a subset of the [[ElectricUniverseTheory | Electric Universe Theory]], which describes how the Electric Universe model of the cosmos, relates to the formation and workings of stars. In this theory, it is generally thought that stars are formed by magnetic forces, inside plasma filaments. Rather than being thermonuclear furnaces powered by fusion, they are fueled from an external source, by the electrical energy which runs along these filaments.

=====Differences from the Conventional Star Theory=====

In conventional star theory, stars are formed when clouds of gas are disturbed by supernovae, which then condense, due to gravitational forces and are thenceforth powered internally, by the thermonuclear fusion of light elements, such as hydrogen, into heavier elements.

=====Video Presentations=====
- [[ Our Electric Fusion Sun]] by [[ Rolf Witzsche]]
- [[ The Electric Birth, Life, and Death of Stars]] by [[WallaceThornhill |Wallace Thornhill]]
- [[ The Electric Sun]] by [[ Don Scott]]
- [[ Wisdom in Sciences & The Introduction to The Electric Sun Theory]] by [[ Kongpop U-Yen]]

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