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=====Energy-Efficient Driving=====

//Energy Efficient Driving// is the science and measurement of the conservation of energy and fuel, typically in land-based vehicles. Given the prevalence of personal motor vehicles, and the extent to which different vehicles and different driving techniques can affect the cost to operate these vehicles, it is not uncommon for people attempt to maximize this fuel economy for their vehicles.

====Common Techniques for Maximizing Fuel Economy====
- Selecting vehicles which have been tested to have a relatively high //fuel economy// (Miles per Gallon) MPG.
- Using hypermiling techniques to maximize the capability of a particular vehicle.
- Minimizing the amount of driving, combining trips, etc.

//Hypermiling// is a set of techniques, which have been found to maximize the efficiency of driving. Using these techniques vehicles may often achieve a significant boost in fuel economy versus vehicles driven more conventionally.

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