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======Welcome to ""OpenMindSpace""======
==A place for Free Thought and Critical Thinking==
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The purpose of this resource, is to provide a unique and //open minded// perspective for [[FreeThought | free thinking]] individuals, who value [[CriticalThinking | critical thinking]] and //independence of mind//. This resource will hopefully expose you to new ideas, in a novel way.

At present, many of the pages on this site are just stubs, it will take a little while for us to flesh it out and finish up the basic frame. This is an //active// and //ongoing// project.

=====Why Write a New Wiki?=====

I first got interested in documenting knowledge when I learned of Wikipedia, in the early 2000s. I found the potential of such an information source to be astounding. I personally got into adding/editing articles on Wikipedia and on smaller sites which had their own wiki.

The trouble is, unless you actually control the wiki yourself, often your hard work gets wiped out as soon as you've published it. Everybody has their own concept of what constitutes knowledge worth writing about, as well as their own filters on how to determine what's worthy of publishing. I found that Wikipedia, in particular, tends to cling pretty hard to the biases of the status quo and this greatly limits what you'll be able to read/write about and puts a status quo bias on just about everything eventually.

You don't get to see different ideas in the supposed //neutral// perspective that Wikipedia claims to have. If you see, for instance, scientific theories which go against the //standard// models, often you'll see very little effort put into fully expressing those theories and developing a thorough resource. It tends to instead by a smear page about why the information doesn't conform to the generally accepted view of reality.

That's why I think those who really enjoy writing about unconventional things should have their own wiki, or at last a wiki that they can maintain with a small group.

=====About ""OpenMindSpace""=====
**""OpenMindSpace""** is an ongoing project which was started in earnest in June 2013. It is written by [[ChrisCase | Chris Case]], a 34 year old Computer Scientist from Huntsville, Alabama.
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