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======Stefan Molyneux======
A former software engineer who founded //Free Domain Radio// and is now a well known [[libertarian]] activist, author and podcaster.

- [[ Free Domain Radio]]
- [[ Stefan Molyneux YouTube Channel]]

=====Notable Books=====
- [[ Universally Preferable Behaviour (UPB): A Rational Proof of Secular Ethics ]]
- [[ Everyday Anarchy]]

=====Notable Videos=====
- [[StatismIsDead | Statism is Dead (Series)]]
- [[ The Story of Your Enslavement]] - one of Stefan's most popular podcasts, in which he explains how [[Statism]] is actually just a form of modern-day human farming, which developed as a result of social changes, which sought to leverage the efficiency gains of letting people choose their own occupation. Instead of outright slavery, people are instead taxed for a significant portion of their earnings.

=====Notable Podcasts=====
- [[ FDR 1569: Controlling Intellectuals]] - how government intervention in society and in the economy in general, has a high degree of control over professionals and intellectuals.

"Since we own our bodies, we also inevitably own the effects of our actions, be they good or bad. If we own the effects of our actions, then clearly we own that which we produce, whether what we produce is a bow, or a book - or a murder."

"Just because you don't want the state to solve a particular problem, doesn't mean you don't want the problem solved."

"There's nothing more expensive, than going cheap."

"Abusers, by definition, don't care how you feel. Sadists care how you feel in this 'opposite universe'. Oh you don't like that, I'll do more of it. Oh you do like that, I'll do less of it. You never tell a sadist what you don't like, or do like"
--[[ Thinking With the Right Head: Vulnerability Around Evil is Self-Abuse]]

"...I'm not any kind of child psychologist; but, doesn't it seem to you absolutely shocking that the father would bring a woman, to come and live with the family a few months after the divorce with no warning. Saying "here's the new step mom, she's moving in" guess is the father had an affair with Soumaya, the mother found out, there was a divorce and then Soumaya moved in. This is a true callousness towards the needs of the children, which can only result from pathologically self-absorbed people, in pursuit of their own pleasure..."
--[[ Stefan Molyneux - The Truth About Elliot Rodger]]

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