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======Structured Water======

//Water// is an important molecule for life forms, consisting of a combination of Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms. Much of the observed water is H2O; but there is another, more recently discovered, phase of water called //EZ Water// (Exclusion Zone Water), which is a molecule of H3O2.

Exclusion Zone water is negatively charged and the water molecules actually repel nanospheres in experiments because the molecules draw together because of the //like likes like principle//.

=====The Fourth Phase of Water: EZ Water=====

EZ Water (Structured Water) is water that is electrically structured and stable. Living cells contain EZ Water and use this water to help form the structure of the cell and proteins.

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=====Health Effects of Consuming Structured Water=====

There are many unknowns, with regard to the use of dietary structured water, to affect human health. More study needs to be done, to understand how structured water behaves once it is taken into the body.

=====Raw Vegetable Juice as a Source of Structured Water=====

Since living cells are made up of structured water, the water of vegetables can be extracted with a juicer, likely resulting in e extraction of structured water.

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