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======T'ai Chi Ch'uan 太極拳======
{{image class="right" url="/TaiChi/files.xml?action=download&file=taiji-trigrams_1.jpg" title="Tai Chi Terminus" alt="Tai Chi Terminus"}}This is an ancient Chinese art, which enriches the practitioner, by providing them with a means to defend themselves, as well as a tool for improving their overall awareness, health and vitality. This resource will go into traditional [[YangStyleTaiChi | Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan]].

An essential skill for mastering //Tai Chi//, is the ability to create a state of [[TaiChiSong | song]] in the body of the practitioner. Perhaps the most effective tool known, for learning song, is called the [[FiveLooseningExercises | Five Loosening Exercises]], which is also known as //Song Shen//.

=====Classical Documents about Tai Chi=====
- [[TaiChiChuanChing | T'ai Chi Ch'uan Ching]]
- [[TaiChiTreatise | Treatise on Tai Chi Ch'uan]]
- [[ExpositionsOfInsightsIntoThePracticeOfTheThirteenPostures | Expositions of Insights Into the Practice of the Thirteen Postures]]

=====Notable Books about Tai Chi=====
- [[TaiChiTouchstones | Tai Chi Touchstones: Yang Family Secret Transmissions]]

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