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======Alien Abduction Phenomena======

//Alien Abduction Phenomena// occurs when individuals from Earth are taken aboard ships of alien origin and design, often against their will.

=====Related Media=====
|=|(x:2)Scientific Study of Alien Abduction Phenomena||
||[[ Coast to Coast AM: Interview With I.C.A.R. Co-Founder]]||This is a fascinating interview with Joe Montaldo, a co-founder of I.C.A.R., in which he discusses some of the data his organization and others have collected on this phenomena.||
||[[JohnMack | John E. Mack]]||Harvard Psychiatrist who studied Abduction Phenomena in great depth.||
|=|(x:2)Alien Abduction Experiences||
||[[ Jim Moroney's Abduction]]||Jim Moroney describes his abduction experience on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on March 8, 2010.||

=====Related External Sites=====
|| [[ International Community for Alien Research I.C.A.R.]] ||Alien abduction and Extraterrestrial contact research organization with thousands of conscious Contactees and tens of thousands of Abductee files||

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