Alien Abduction Phenomena

Alien Abduction Phenomena occurs when individuals from Earth are taken aboard ships of alien origin and design, often against their will.

Scientific Study of Alien Abduction Phenomena
Coast to Coast AM: Interview With I.C.A.R. Co-FounderThis is a fascinating interview with Joe Montaldo, a co-founder of I.C.A.R., in which he discusses some of the data his organization and others have collected on this phenomena.
John E. MackHarvard Psychiatrist who studied Abduction Phenomena in great depth.
Alien Abduction Experiences
Jim Moroney's AbductionJim Moroney describes his abduction experience on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory on March 8, 2010.

International Community for Alien Research I.C.A.R. Alien abduction and Extraterrestrial contact research organization with thousands of conscious Contactees and tens of thousands of Abductee files

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