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======Diet & Nutrition======

//Diet & Nutrition// is perhaps the most important aspect to one's overall health and wellness. Without an understanding of your body and of the foods you put into your body, you are not likely to achieve your full potential.

There are many very basic things that you can do to improve your diet. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this that you can understand, is first knowing what to avoid. Once you get these bad substances to a minimum, or absent altogether, you can work towards a more optimal diet, by gradually introducing more healthy foods.

No diet is for everyone. We each have our differences, both genetically, our likes/dislikes and the foods available from wherever we happen to be. The purpose of this reference is to help you find something that works for you.

=====Foods to Avoid=====
There are certain foods that you should avoid, or at least minimize, no matter who you are. These foods generally have little or no health value, or if they do, the negative effects of the foods have an overall negative impact on your health.

- [[ProcessedFoods | Processed Foods]] - Most of the foods in the center part of the supermarket should be avoided. They tend to be heavily processed and often contain low quality ingredients and preservatives. These foods tend to have relatively little health value and may even harm your health.
- [[ProcessedSugars | Processed Sugars]] - Processed sugars cause insulin and blood sugar imbalances which can, over time, cause you to suffer from chronic degenerative diseases.
- [[FactoryFarmedMeats | Factory Farmed Meats]] - If you are going to eat meat, it is best to avoid //factory farmed// meat. Not only is it environmentally destructive and cruel; but it also tends to contain unhealthy toxins and fats, due to the nature of the confined space and grain-based diets that these animals eat.

=====Health Promoting Foods=====
- [[Sprouts]] - Certain vegetables can be eaten by simply sprouting the vegetable seed. These sprouted products are highly beneficial to the health, easy to grow and inexpensive if you grow them yourself.
- [[Microgreens]] - Microgreens are baby plants, which are usually grown indoors, in greenhouse trays. These greens are very dense in nutrients, quick to grow and inexpensive if you grow them yourself.
- [[FreshVegetables | Fresh Vegetables]] - It is important to have a wide array of fresh vegetables in your diet. These vegetables would ideally be organic, though some vegetables are okay to eat non-organic, because not all vegetables require much in the way of pesticides and/or fertilizer.
- [[TropicalOils | Tropical Oils]] - Though often demonized, tropical oils are actually highly beneficial for most people. These oils contain valuable [[SaturatedFats | saturated fats]]. Oils such as that from the coconut have a rather high smoke point, so they are able to be cooked with, without becoming deformed.
- [[FreshVegetableJuices | Fresh Vegetable Juices]] - Fresh vegetable juices can give you concentrated nutrition to help promote better health. These juices are easy to digest and deliver a dense, nutrient liquid, which absorbs very quickly into the body.
- [[RawNuts | Raw Nuts]] - Raw nuts are often a good source of fats and protein. It is important that they be eaten raw, when possible, to avoid the damage and oxidation caused by roasting.

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