Five Stay Downs of Tai Chi

It is common for beginning Tai Chi practitioners to have errors in their postures, since they are still learning how to create the TaiChiBody Tai Chi Body. These errors often are spotted by certain parts of the body being raised up, rather than sunken and relaxed.
  1. shoulders - The shoulders should be relaxed. People often store stress and tension in their shoulders and must gradually work this tension out of their shoulders in order to be TaiChiSong song.
  2. chest - The posture of the average person often has the chest raised, the chest actually needs to be sunken, to allow the body to be TaiChiSong song.
  3. elbows - The elbows are generally pointing out, forward and down in most postures. If the elbow is pointing otherwise, it indicates that the practitioner is likely committing errors.
  4. buttocks - The tail bone must be sunken, otherwise the alignment of the hips and back will have errors.
  5. back heel - The heels must typically remain on the ground in most postures, otherwise the practitioner will easily lost their balance.

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