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The purpose of OpenMindSpace, is to provide a resource freedom loving, free thinking individuals, who want to live outside of the StatistQuo, who want to be free, despite whatever others may choose to do. Its Anarchism without idealism, its freedom without approval and, if you play your strategy right, much of it can be done without breaking many, if any laws, or incurring the wrath of any State.

We're creating a resource here, for people to learn of ways they can live a better life, without being dependent on the state. For years we've read about Agorism, Survivalism and Anarchism; seeing countless ways you can work with friends, family and associates, to get what you need, without necessarily empowering the state in the process.

AgorismThe idea behind Agorism, is to use market forces to strengthen the community and provide alternatives to the monopolies imposed by the state. There are countless innovative ways that this can be accomplished.
AnarchismAnarchism is a philosophical belief that society should be organized horizontally, rather than hierarchically; to where society has no rulers, per se. Such a society would instead be organized as a voluntary system, where all agreements are voluntary and all property is private.
ModernSurvivalismModern survivalism is a set of principles by which individuals become more adept at surviving in times of strive, while also using their preparations to improve their everyday life.
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