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======Joe Biden======

//Joe Biden// is a [[CorruptPoliticians| Corrupt Politician]] who was Vice President of the United States under Barrack Obama and ran for president in the 2020 election cycle with [[KamalaHarris|Kamala Harris]]. He has been a big proponent of increasing the amount of [[DeepStateCorruption | Deep State Corruption]] and has been highly innovative in monetizing his public office with //pay to play schemes// and molesting women and children in public.

=====Rigging of the 2020 Presidential Election=====

During the 2020 Presidential Election, Joe Biden lost the presidential election to [[DonaldTrump|Donald Trump]] on election day by a major landslide then used fraudulent mail in ballots and other forms of election fraud to swing the election back to himself.

=====Notable Events=====
- [[ 1987 - Joe Biden Lies About College]] - Claimed to have graduated at the top of his class when he really graduated at the bottom of his class.
- [[ 2015 - Hunter Biden Receives 3.5 Million Dollars from Elena Baturina, Wife of Moscow's Former Mayor]]
- [[ 2016 - Joe Biden Brags About Pressuring Ukraine to Fire a Prosecutor]] - Prosecutor was investigating Joe Biden's son's corrupt energy firm Burisma Holdings.
- [[ 2020 - In Shock Presser, Hunter's Ex-Biz Partner Speaks; Says Turning Over "All Evidence To FBI"]]

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