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Modern Survivalism is the art of optimizing your living conditions and lifestyle, to ensure that you are prepared for the widest array of possible circumstances, such that you are maximizing your chances of survival and prosperity.

Modern survivalists make a strong effort to have their preparatory activities also benefit their everyday life. They use various techniques to: save money, increase opportunities and improve overall quality of life.

Generally, a modern survivalist, will pay the most attention to the following aspects of survival; many of which dovetail into one another:

Disaster Preparedness PlanningPlanning out your own strategy, of how you will handle unusual situations, by brainstorming on the most likely situations and coming up with plans in advance.
Debt MinimizationOne of the most common disasters, is not natural; but man-made. Debt is something that we get ourselves into; but must not rely heavily on it. Excessive debt can eat away at our resources, making it impossible to take opportunities when they arise, because we're too bogged down with debt. Debt also is a major risk, in the event that we lose a major source of income and risk having to pay debts while starved for income.
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