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//Plumbing// is used in most modern dwellings and knowledge of this trade is valuable, if you ever need to make minor repairs or replacements on your existing plumbing. Such knowledge can easily save a homeowner a few hundred or more dollars per year; plus it can help them to spot problems before they become more serious.

=====Fixes to Common Problems=====
- [[ 10 Essential Things to Know About Your Plumbing]]
- [[ How to Clear a Toilet Clog using a Closet Auger]]
- [[ How to Repair a Leaky Delta Faucet]]
- [[ How to Repair a Leaky Delta Shower Faucet]]
- [[ How to Join PVC Pipe (with PVC solvent)]]
- [[ How to replace a hose bib]]
- [[ How to use teflon tape on pipe threads (video)]]

=====Related Websites/Channels for DIY Plumbers=====
- [[ DIY Plumbing Advice]] - Resource for DIY plumbers, to know the basics of many common tasks that are good to do as a DIY task.
- [[ Ramona's Plumber Youtube Channel]] - Instructional videos on how to fix many common plumbing problems without professional help.

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