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=====Fixes to Common Problems=====
=====Related Websites/Channels for DIY Plumbers=====

====Fixes to Common Problems====
====Related Websites/Channels for DIY Plumbers====

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- [[ How to Clear a Toilet Clog using a Closet Auger]]
- [[ How to Join PVC Pipe (with PVC solvent)]]

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- [[ 10 Essential Things to Know About Your Plumbing]]
- [[ How to Repair a Leaky Delta Faucet]]
- [[ How to replace a hose bib]]
- [[ How to use teflon tape on pipe threads (video)]]
====Related Websites/Channels for DIY Plumbers====
- [[ Ramona's Plumber Youtube Channel]] - Instructional videos on how to fix many common plumbing problems without professional help.
====Related Websites for DIY Plumbers====

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