OpenMindSpace Podcast 1: Freer In Everyday Life

Hello my name is Chris Case and welcome to the VLOG on the Voluntary Virtues Network. This is episode 1 titled "Freer in Everyday Life".

There are a good many podcasts and VLOGs about freedom and liberty. Of these, some are excellent at helping to broaden our perspectives, on this vast sea of ideas, which we often describe as liberty. Freedom is, after all, a very open ended and often abstract subject. Everyone has a different idea and different preferences about what is and is not freedom. I doubt that everyone will ever agree on what it means to be free.

We could speculate for generations about what is, what ought to be, and what could be. This speculation is often interesting and even fun and there are many people engaging in it. In this VLOG, however, the general theme will be more along the lines of being free in the here and now and all that this entails.

Freedom in the present, with the hope that the more free we make our selves now; the greater will be our freedom in the future. After all, it is always the present; so why not work on becoming more free now, even if there are problems that we, perhaps, cannot solve yet? There will always be problems that cannot yet be solved; so let's start with where we're at now and work our way through the list. Even the 1,000 mile journey, begins with the first step and we've got a long way to go.

Freedom Begins Within and Works Outward

Freedom is often thought of as something created outside of one's self. Constitutionalists, for example, believe that freedom comes from a document and is preserved by a form of government. Many anarchists await the day when a free society could emerge, wherein markets will play a greater role in the regulation of the economy, rather than a the captured regulatory monopolies of the state.

This transition to market anarchism, would be a wonderful development, if indeed it does occur; but it will not happen, without a great deal of work on the part of many individuals.

One of the great challenges of bringing about a freer society, is that freedom is, first and foremost an individual phenomena; because only individuals act. We, as individuals, choose in each moment, how we are to act and develop habit patterns around those actions. These patterns are not easily changed in most individuals; much less an entire society of individuals. So not only does change take time and diligence on the scale of a single person. It takes a particularly large amount of time and energy, for societies to change.
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