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======Tui Shou 推手======

//Tui Shou// or //Tai Chi Push Hands// is two person [[TaiChi | T'ai Chi Ch'uan]], which teaches the practitioner how to become aware of not only themselves; but also their opponent. Students are often taught //Tai Chi Push Hands// in many different stages, using a combination of Repetitive Drills, and freestyle pushing.

It takes many years of effort, from a highly skilled teacher and a dedicated student, to learn to use //T'ai Chi Ch'uan// on another person effectively.

=====Push Hands Demonstrations=====
- [[ August 16, 1987 Video of Tui Shou]] by Master [[HuangXingxiang Huang Xingxiang]]
- [[ 活步推手 (huo bu tui shou) Free-step Push Hands]] demonstration by [[FoongChoonSang Foong Choon Sang]]
- [[ April 2009 Seminar]] featuring [[AdamMizner Adam Mizner]].
- [[ October 2009 "Huang Style" Seminar]] featuring [[AdamMizner Adam Mizner]] demonstrating the kind of //Push Hands// seminar [[HuangXingxiang Master Hang Xingxiang]] would give.
- [[ Mr. Zhu Tzuen Hsuan's Push Hands Demostration]]
- [[ 內功推手-背發勁3]]
- [[ 石明 - 发劲演示]]
- [[ Old Yang Stlye Master Zhu Chun Xuan's Tuishou]]

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