Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine is a term used for medical treatments which are outside of the conventional drugs & surgery paradigm of the modern age. There are many different forms of alternative medicine, each with their benefits and drawbacks; but the predominant ones tend to value natural remedies, lifestyle modification, herbs and various other forms of treatment, which are less synthetic and more holistic than conventional medicine.

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acupuncture [Acupuncture]
AloeVeraButter [Aloe Vera Butter]
ChiKung [Chi Kung 气功]
Chiropractic [Chiropractic]
ChiropracticAnatomy [Chiropractic Anatomy]
HolisticDentalCare [Holistic Dental Care]
HomePage [Welcome to OpenMindSpace]
Jing [Jing 精]
StructuredWater [Structured Water]
TaiChi [T'ai Chi Ch'uan 太極拳]
TraditionalChineseMedicine [Traditional Chinese Medicine 中医]

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