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Welcome to OpenMindSpace

A place for Free Thought and Critical Thinking

The purpose of this resource, is to provide a unique and open minded perspective for FreeThought free thinking individuals, who value CriticalThinking critical thinking and independence of mind. This resource will hopefully expose you to new ideas, in a novel way.

At present, many of the pages on this site are just stubs, it will take a little while for us to flesh it out and finish up the basic frame. This is an active and ongoing project.

About OpenMindSpace

OpenMindSpace is an ongoing project which was started in earnest in June 2013. It is written by ChrisCase Chris Case, a 32 year old Computer Scientist from Huntsville, Alabama.


[18Jul2013] Some work has been done on the Maverick Science section.

[6Jul2013] Many pages have recently been added to the Tai Chi section.

[29Jun2013] Much work has been done on the organization and fleshing out of the overall structure of the encyclopedia. Much work has been done on the Alternative History section.

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