These Biography articles are about people, who have done interesting work. Their perspective may help others to develop their own perspectives more thoroughly.

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AdamMizner [Adam Mizner]
AlanWatts [Alan Watts]
CarlJung [Carl Jung]
ChangSanFeng [Chang San-Feng]
ChengManChing [Cheng Man-ch'ing]
ChögyamTrungpa [Chögyam Trungpa]
ChrisCase [Chris Case]
ChristopherDunn [Christopher Dunn]
DonaldTrump [Donald Trump]
EricLerner [Eric Lerner]
HaltonArp [Halton Arp]
HannesAlfvén [Hannes Alfvén]
HansHermannHoppe [Hans Hermann-Hoppe]
HenryLouisMencken [Henry Louis Mencken]
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HuangXingxiang [Huang Xingxiang 黃性賢]
JeffreyTucker [Jeffrey A. Tucker]
JohnAnthonyWest [John Anthony West]
JordanPeterson [Jordan Peterson]
KarenStraughan [Karen Straughan]
LarkenRose [Larken Rose]
LysanderSpooner [Lysander Spooner]
ManlyPalmerHall [Manly Palmer Hall]
MichaelHastings [Michael Hastings]
PaulLaViolette [Paul LaViolette]
ReneAdolpheSchwallerDeLubicz [René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz]
RobertSchoch [Robert Schoch]
RupertSheldrake [Rupert Sheldrake PHd]
RyanDawson [Ryan Dawson]
StefanMolyneux [Stefan Molyneux]
StephenCrothers [Stephen Crothers]
TomVanFlandern [Tom Van Flandern]
WallaceThornhill [Wallace Thornhill]
WeeKeeJin [Wee Kee-Jin]
YangChengfu [Yang Chengfu 楊澄甫]
YangChienhou [Yang Chienhou]
YangLuChan [Yang Lu-ch'an]
YangPanhou [Yang Banhou]

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