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Open Mind Space

The purpose of this encyclopedia, is to provide a resource for freedom loving, free thinking individuals, who value CriticalThinking critical thinking and independence of mind. This resource is currently curated by ChrisCase Chris Case.

We're creating a resource here, for people to learn of ways they can live a better life, without being dependent on the state. For years we've read about Agorism, Survivalism and Anarchism; seeing countless ways you can work with friends, family and associates, to get what you need, without necessarily empowering the state in the process.

Main Categories of Interest

AlternativeHistory Alternative HistoryAlternative explanations for historical events.
EconomicsThe study and history of human interaction and scarcity.
ExobiologyThe study of life beyond earth, to determine the deeper nature of life in the cosmos.
PersonalLiberty Personal LibertyThe idea that all agreements should be voluntary, private property should be sacrosanct, no-one has the legitimate right to initiate force on another and everyone has the right to defend themselves.
MetaphysicsMetaphysics is the study of the nature of conscious existence. Metaphysicians often strive to understand the relationship between the material and the spiritual world; so they can better understand the manifold mysteries that science is often unable to have a very complete understanding of, with its purely material approach.
MaverickScience Maverick ScienceThe idea that the community of scientific thinkers is often too slow to react to new evidence and often overlooks evidence entirely, leading them to have incorrect theories that are based on false assumptions.
ModernSurvivalism Modern SurvivalismModern survivalism is a set of principles by which individuals become more adept at surviving in times of strive, while also using their preparations to improve their everyday life.
TaiChi Tai ChiThere are many different disciplines in the realm of Tai Chi, though they tend to have many similarities. Tai Chi is used to enhance the body's energies, to create improve health and the overall function, skill and awareness of the practitioner.
WellnessResources for optimizing your overall health and well by natural and holistic means.
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