Personal Liberty

This is a very broad concept, one which is very difficult, if not impossible, to define positively. In fact, it is often easier to define liberty by what it is not, rather than what it is. One aspect of liberty which tends to be widely agreed upon, is that liberty should not involve any form of InitiatoryViolence initiatory violence. There are, however, many unfortunate examples of individuals attempting to initiate violence in order to supposedly achieve greater liberty; in most such situations, the result is merely a decrease in liberty.

Many liberty oriented individuals actually, do spend a great deal of their efforts trying to educate others about things that are occurring in society, which are not consistent with the principles of liberty. This is a difficult task, because many of us are taught, from a very young age, to use various forms of anti-intellectual sophistry to redefine much of the violence in our society as some sort of common good. It is this kind of collectivist thinking that so often leads individuals away from liberty and towards collectivism.

The term anarchy, for example, is a term which essentially means no rulers. So to be an anarchist means to be a person who does not believe in being ruled by others; but rather living by voluntary agreement or voluntarism.

Free Resources for Understanding Personal Liberty

A number of theorists have written exhaustively about how society could be transformed and how society could operate, in a state of anarchy, using competing providers of services, rather than a state monopoly over various services in society. Fortunately, many of these researchers also believe in the free flow of intellectual property and consequently, wherever possible, do not choose to exercise copyright restrictions on their work. This means that much of the work is available for free.

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