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Vegetable sprouts are a novel way of supplementing your intake of fresh raw vegetables with minimal cost and minimal effort. Sprouts can be grown in mason jars or more specialized sprouters. Sprouts typically produce a multiple of the weight of the original seed, giving them a multiplier effect. Green sprouts, for example, will swell up to many times the size/weight of the original seed; such that a few tablespoons of seed are enough to produce a quart or more of edible sprouts.

Sprout Nutrition

Vitamin and RDA content of Sprouts

100 Grams of SproutsVit AVit CThiaminRiboflavinNiacinVit B6FolacinCalProtein

Male RDA 1000601.21.7202200290063
Alfalfa Sprouts Raw 16 8.2 0.076 0.126 0.481 0.034 36 29 3.99

Growing Sprouts

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