Electric Universe Theory

The electric universe theory is a model of the universe, which theorizes that electricity, magnetism and plasma, play a major role in the workings of the known universe. Everything from the formation of stars and galaxies to the workings of stars and weather patterns, have possible explanations involving plasma, electric currents and magnetism.

This model differs from mainstream cosmology in many ways. Mainstream cosmology sees gravity as the driver of most cosmic phenomena. For instance, the formation of stars is conventionally thought to be a gravitationally driven event, wherein supernovae explode and cause neighboring clouds of gas to condense and fuse hydrogen, forming a self-perpetuating reaction, to fuel the stars. Mainstream cosmology also purports a beginning to the universe, in the form of a big bang and generally an end to the universe, by various means.

The electric universe model, on the other hand, does not see stars as necessarily producing the energy; but rather transforming incoming electrical energy from the galaxy, into light and the solar wind. This theory posits that a Birkeland Current travels through the galaxy, acting as a source of energy for the stars; both to form and to function on a daily basis. Electric Universe also does not theorize, or claim to know, about any sort of beginning or end; but rather proposes a more static universe.



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