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Maverick Science is a category for the areas of science that are typically rejected by mainstream status-quo science. These scientists are typically independent and tend not to receive government funding. Many mavericks in the various scientific fields did once work as part of the mainstream scientific community; but were expelled or ostracized, because their theories are too controversial.

Perhaps many of these theories are wrong; but then again, perhaps many of the conventional theories are wrong too. Its important that alternatives be given a voice too, so all of the energy doesn't go, potentially, down a dead end. There are many impressive theories which are overlooked, perhaps because of the implications it would have on the rest of a particular field.

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CriticismOfTheBigBangTheory [Criticism of the Big Bang Theory]
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ElectricUniverseTheory [Electric Universe Theory]
electrogravitics [Electrogravetics]
EricLerner [Eric Lerner]
HaltonArp [Halton Arp]
HannesAlfvén [Hannes Alfvén]
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Pulsars [Pulsars]
RupertSheldrake [Rupert Sheldrake PHd]
StephenCrothers [Stephen Crothers]
StructuredWater [Structured Water]
TheBigBangNeverHappened [The Big Bang Never Happened]
ThomasTownsendBrown [Thomas Townsend Brown]
ThunderboltsOfTheGodsMovie [Thunderbolts of the Gods]
TomVanFlandern [Tom Van Flandern]
WallaceThornhill [Wallace Thornhill]

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