Proto-Saturn Theory

Proto-Saturn Theory is an offshoot of the Electric Universe Theory and the Electric Star Theory which proposes that, in ancient times, the planet Saturn was once orbiting outside of the present solar system, along with the Earth, Mars and other objects as moons of Proto-Saturn.

The Electric Star Theory suggests that gas giants, when traveling outside of the heliopause of a main sequence star, themselves glow as stars, because they are then able to draw electric current and produce a glow as a brown dwarf. When, however, these stars come into contact with the heliopause of a more powerful star, they lose their power source and revert to being gas giants like we see now.

Proto-Saturn Theory suggests that Saturn was captured by our current Sun in ancient times, an event which caused tremendous changes for the entire solar system, as well as Saturn's existing satellites. Eventually the solar system stabilized and Saturn moved into its current orbit while Earth and Mars were captured by the Sun and separated from Saturn.

At some point in early Human history, it is thought that Saturn ejected an object from its core, a comet, which eventually became the planet Venus.

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