T'ai Chi Ch'uan 太極拳

Tai Chi TerminusThis is an ancient Chinese art, which enriches the practitioner, by providing them with a means to defend themselves, as well as a tool for improving their overall awareness, health and vitality. This resource will go into traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

An essential skill for mastering Tai Chi, is the ability to create a state of song in the body of the practitioner. Perhaps the most effective tool known, for learning song, is called the Five Loosening Exercises, which is also known as Song Shen.

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AdamMizner [Adam Mizner]
ChangSanFeng [Chang San-Feng]
ChengManChing [Cheng Man-ch'ing]
Chi [Chi 氣]
ChiKung [Chi Kung 气功]
Emptiness [Emptiness (Śūnyatā)]
ExpositionsOfInsightsIntoThePracticeOfTheThirteenPostures [Expositions of Insights Into the Practice of the Thirteen Postures]
FiveBows [Five Bows]
FiveLooseningExercises [Five Loosening Exercises 松身五法]
FiveStayDownsOfTaiChi [Five Stay Downs of Tai Chi]
FoongChoonSang [Foong Choon Sang]
FundamentalTaiChiExercises [Master Huang's Fundamental Tai Chi Exercises]
HomePage [Welcome to OpenMindSpace]
HuangXingxiang [Huang Xingxiang 黃性賢]
HuangXingxiang13QuestionsAndAnswers [Huang Xingxiang: 13 Questions and Answers]
HuangXingxiangBriefChronologicalLifeHistory [A Brief Chronological Life History of Grand Master Huang]
InfiniteSong [‘Song Wu Zhi Jing’ - Infinite ‘Song’ 松五止精]
Jing [Jing 精]
MasterHuangs20ImportantPoints [Master Huang's 20 Important Points]
Shen [Shen 神]
SixHarmoniesOfTaiChi [The Six Harmonies of Tai Chi]
SixLevelsOfSong [The Six Levels of Song]
TaiChi24Form [Tai Chi: 24 Form]
TaiChiChuanChing [T'ai Chi Ch'uan Ching]
TaiChiJointLooseningExercise [Tai Chi Joint Loosening Exercise]
TaiChiPushHands [Tui Shou 推手]
TaiChiPushHandsExercises [Tai Chi Push Hands Exercises]
TaiChiSong [Song]
TaiChiTreatise [The Treatise on T'ai Chi Ch'uan]
Tao [Tao 道]
TaoTeChing [Tao Te Ching 道德經]
TheMethodofAchievingPerfectClarityInTaiChi [The Method of Achieving Perfect Clarity in Tai Chi 太極指明法]
WeeKeeJin [Wee Kee-Jin]
YangChengfu [Yang Chengfu 楊澄甫]
YangChienhou [Yang Chienhou]
YangFamilyTaiChiLongForm [Yang Family Tai Chi: Long Form]
YangLuChan [Yang Lu-ch'an]
YangPanhou [Yang Banhou]
YangStyleTaiChi [Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan]

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